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If you have any questions about your stay at Lakeside Fishing Cabins, please feel free to email us at info@lakesidefishingcabins.co.uk and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sorry no. No pets are allowed on site or inside the cabins.

Yes. Although we are quite strict at saying Adults only. Over the years, we have allowed 15 years and above children that are keen fishing people. They have never caused a problem and have been very respectful of the site and the fishing.

We love our guests enjoying themselves but at the same time we are advertised as a quiet fishing retreat. The only way this would be viable, would be to hire the whole site. I do not allow all sex parties (without prejudice), sharing beds or sleeping on sofas and floors. Our largest cabin sleeps only 3 single guests (3xcouples). We have found in the past that parties sharing rooms etc, have broken things and after a few drinks have no respect for their neighbouring cabins. Resulting in unhappy guests giving me bad feedback! So, my answer to this is hire the whole site at a discounted price.

36lb Grass Carp is the lakes PB! The average catch is 10 lbs. You have to move up to our house to catch the biggies!

Our stock:

Yes. Make sure you have a good landing net.

No, please bring your own bait. No bait is allowed inside the Cabins.

Yes, there are a few that deliver to site.

In Lavender & Sunflower there is gas cental heating. In Kingfisher Cabin there are oil filled radiators and a clear-view log burner.

Lakeside Fishing Cabins

We look forward to welcoming you to Lakeside Fishing Cabins so you can reconnect with nature in our rustic cabins and enjoy fishing in our lake.

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