We treat our fish as pets and we would like you to do the same, a well nurtured and looked after fish will only get bigger for next time you catch it! With this in mind we do have a few rules we would like you to follow-

  • Micro barbs or barbless hooks only
  • No fixed rigs, running rigs or bolt rigs only if ledgering.
  • Cradles preferred for carp but unhooking mats to be used at all times
  • Please use the dip tank for landing nets on arrival
  • Please be courtious to other anglers, no loud music or noise

We feed the lake once a week with a high protein pellet, so pellet is defiantly recommended as a hook bait for the bigger fish, along with boilies (white krill & robin red), bread and sweetcorn, if you are targeting the smaller specimens you won’t go wrong with maggot, castor or worm, my big tip to you is – keep a constant stream of feed going over your hook bait and you will 100% increase your chance of a bend in your rod!

Lakeside Fishing Cabins

We look forward to welcoming you to Lakeside Fishing Cabins so you can reconnect with nature in our rustic cabins and enjoy fishing in our lake.

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